This presentation will show how the Eastern Ontario ARES Mutual Aid Program is being implemented.  The Mutual Aid Program (DMAP) documents and forms can make it simpler for ARES responders coming from or going to adjacent ARES group(s) can be tracked on route with each their ‘personal support go kit’ and any out station kits or other equipment requested by the ARES group making a call for help.  You will get to see the ARES DMAP’s manual and forms, a description of the process, and how we got the DMAP this point and why we need this in  Ontario.

Michael Hickey, VE3IPC has been the Emergency Coordinator for Prescott-Russell County, Ontario from 1998-2004.  Michael has been the District EC since 2004 for a new ARES District, then took on a second adjacent District that is adjacent, expanding his territory to include all of Eastern Ontario.  He is also an Emergency Management College volunteer, instructing on topics related to amateur radio emergency communications.  The ARES Mutual Aid Program has been his pet project since 2005 as none exist in Canada.