Six months of planning, pre-drill meetings and table-top exercises, culminated in a seven hour exercise specifically designed to test RACES   capabilities using both Amateur Radio and County communications systems. How did we do? What did we learn? This after-action overview will answer those questions.

Chris Crane is veteran of three services over 22 years. He spent time as a U.S. Marine, a Green Beret with the U.S. Army, and as a U.S. Navy SEAL.  After retiring from the military, he attended Jacksonville State University to study emergency management. Chris has worked with the Monroe County Health Department under a bioterrorism grant, and now works closely with the Monroe County Office of Emergency Management as part of the Homeland Security Management Institute. His current duties focus on the Homeland Security Exercise and Evaluation Program as a Master Exercise Practitioner. Chris worked with Monroe County ARES/RACES to help design, execute, and evaluate the CPI CommEx. He currently lives in Rochester with his wife Liliana.