EcomScs and GatewayScs are two stand alone programs that I have created. EcomScs is a Packet Radio E‐Mail Client. Everything you can do with your internet E‐Mail client you can do with EcomScs. EcomScs uses the Packet BBS system to send and receive its E‐Mails or it can use GatewayScs stations to send and receive internet E‐Mails. GatewayScs is a Packet Radio internet E‐Mail gateway. GatewayScs makes it possible for EcomScs stations to send and receive internet E‐Mails.

John Blowsky, KB2SCS is the Emergency Coordinator and RACES Radio Officer for the Town of Islip, Long Island NY. He has volunteer for a number of major disasters, including the Fires of Long Island, Flight 800, and the World Trade Center. John is a General class licensee, ARRL volunteer examiner, and the NLI Assistant Section Manager for Digital Communications. First Licensed in 1994, John has a number of presentations and publications, including the ARRL and TAPR Digital Communications Conference, Ham Radio University (ARRL NLI Section Convention), and CQ Magazine in April 2009.